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State going wrong way on billboards (Columbia Daily Tribune 04/24/2012)

Clutter assaults highway drivers - Stop the expansion of blinking billboards on Missouri highways (Kansas City Star editorial 04/08/2012)

Billboards - Beware of animation, etc. (Columbia Tribune editorial 04/24/2012)

Editorial: Conflicting bills on driving suggest Missouri senator is distracted (StlToday.com 03/13/2012)

Missouri Legislature's annual veto session ends quickly (KY3.com 09/14/2011)

Billboard discretion is at stake; Veto backs local control of signs Opinions: John Regenbogen(Columbia Daily Tribune 09/04/2011)

Grant helps effort to save historic Route 66 bridge (St. Louis Today 7/22/2011)

Governor Nixon vetos billboard bill (Columbia Daily Tribune 7/10/2011)

Scenic Missouri calls for veto of billboard legislation Opinions: John Regenbogen (Springfield News-Leader 6/29/2011)

Billboard bill an eyesore: Proposed legislation would take power away from local government (SpringfieldNews-Leader 6/19/2011)

Bill could lead to more digital billboards in Mo (STLToday.com 6/19/2011)

Editorial: Nixon must take a stand and veto three bills (Kansas City Star 6/13/2011)

Editorial: Sneaky billboard bill passage earns legislative dunce cap (The Platform 6/7/2011)

Digital Billboards: Bright or Blight? (Saint Louis Post-Dispatch 12/10/2011) Saint Louis subsequently prohibited digital billboards in March 2011.

Route 66 bridge needs a benefactor (Saint Louis Post-Dispatch 4/11) Scenic Missouri is playing a crucial leadership role in coordinating a coalition of organizations seeking to preserve the Route 66 State Park Bridge.

More cities ban digital billboards (USA Today 3/10)

A Columbia Tribune Perspectives piece,"Glowing Billboards: legislation allows outdoor ads to go digital," provides a great background on the history of billboards in Missouri and recent legislative attempts by the billboard industry to weaken state billboard laws.